David Cole

David Cole

Former GOP operative David Cole is the author of Republican Party Animal (Feral House, 2014). He’s been profiled by CBS News, The New Yorker, and The Guardian for his work as a Holocaust researcher. His book is currently banned by Amazon, but he survives (for the moment) on Twitter.

Home Front

Should White Fight the Blight or Take Flight?

All last week, something seemed...off. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something wasn’t right. Like there was a void. Then it hit me! As Texas Republicans were slaughtering each other in the statehouse, “red state Twitter” had gone ...

Navaho Nation, Monument Valley

The Untold Story

Six Feet Undergroundhog Day

Well, so much for last week’s experiment with a race-and-politics-free column about the entertainment industry; it landed with a thud so loud I checked my roof for Eric Clapton’s son (I did that joke years ago and it provoked a furious email ...


Writers Gulled

My friends (and one or two foes) have informed me that my past few columns have been downers. “Can’t you do something a little lighter?” they ask. “Also, what’s your take on the WGA strike?” Happy to oblige, friends and foes who for ...

All About Me

Brown Shirts ’n’ Skins

Last week a clip from something called “Timcast” went viral. Some round-faced, beady-eyed stoner (I think that’s “Tim”) was debating a manic Robert Downey Jr. look-alike (I guess that’s “cast”) about trannies. Robert Downeysyndrome ...


Pessimistic River

Call it prescience...or bad timing. The moment I finished last week’s column, Pew released a poll proving my point about the difference between 1970s urban blight and that of the present; how it comes down to optimism back then (the belief that ...


Shirkling the Drain

“Circling the drain.” It’s a phrase I first heard in a non-plumbing context when a doctor said it in reference to my elderly father’s condition. It basically means dying, but not yet dead. The end seems certain, but the patient clings to ...


Third Reicher’s Island

Continuing with last week’s theme—the decennial of my “outing”—let’s talk about the Holocaust. Because I’m never going to be allowed to not talk about it. Lord knows I’ve tried. I stopped speaking about it publicly after 1995. ...


Thank You for Your Disservice

Christians and Jews have had their Holy Week; now it’s my turn. Ten years ago, April 20, 2013, I was “outed” as David Cole. April 20, as you likely know, is a loaded date—the birthday of a terrible, terrible man. But enough about George ...

Deep Thoughts


Dave: “Let’s talk about Doug Mackey, the guy convicted of posting memes!” Readers: “Oh crap, I bet Dave’s gonna be contrarian and scolding, like a broken fucking record.” Dear readers, you shouldn’t cuss so much. That said, maybe I ...

The Untold Story

The Genocide Strikes Back

That tranny genocide is something, huh? It’s like the Yakov Smirnoff of genocides: “In Trannyland, genocide victims kill you!” In light of last week’s Christian school massacre, I wanna revisit something I wrote a year ago regarding female ...

Storming of the Capitol

The Take

I’m Sick of the 6th (Why Aren’t You?)

Here’s a brainteaser: Was Samuel Byck a would-be assassin? To refresh your memory, here’s his story: Sam Byck was a miserable failure. Born to a Philadelphia Jewish family, Byck was the child they didn’t brag about. A failure at business, a ...

The Take

A Smear of Cole, a Schmear of Truth

As a schoolkid, Media Matters scribe Eric Hananoki was the Asian student in no danger of throwing off the curve. With a face that screams “Godzilla is attacking the city; we must run!” Hananoki-san has the cushiest job ever: He watches TV for ...

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