Rembrandt Laughing, self-portrait

PC World

Master Baiting

Rembrandt never left the Netherlands in his life, but the recent Rembrandt in Amsterdam ex...

Barcelona, Spain

PC World

Columbus Opus

Last week there was a historic day in New York City with the inaugural celebration of Indi...

PC World

Odd Jobs

When I read that the United Arab Emirate’s Minister of Tolerance had been accused of sex...

PC World

Casablanca 2020

If you thought comedy was dead because of woke hysteria, fear no longer. Hollywood has com...
Don Quixote and Sancho Panzo

PC World

The New PC Index

In today’s world, Vladimir Nabokov would abandon a literary safari to devote himself exc...

PC World

Science Says

When faced with a new conundrum with no certain answer, the single most valuable political...

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