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A Government of Laws and Not of Races

The Supreme Court will soon rule on college admissions affirmative action. (Heck, they might have already announced their decision by the time you read this.) What should the Supreme Court do next? Here are some key points the Court should make in upcoming years to counter the growing antiwhite hate and discrimination of our era. “What should the ...

Jim Brown

The Untold Story

Jim Not-So-Dandy

His death was front-page news in every newspaper in America, starting with The New York Times, and his demise also led the news on television. Long glowing tributes poured in, starting with Barack Obama confirming the man’s greatness. ...

The Untold Story

Who Needs Facts?

A central conundrum of the 2020s is why respectable opinion has gotten so out of touch with reality on questions touching race, such as crime. Are mainstream pundits lying, intimidated, deluded, hate-filled, or just stupid? It’s an ...

The Untold Story

Who Really Cares About Dead Kids?

We've heard a lot lately about how Republicans don't care about dead kids -- just keep your hands off their guns! The bullhorn insurrection staged by Tennessee legislators, for example, was justified on the grounds that they were JUST ...

The Untold Story

The Death Boom

About thirty years ago I attended a presentation by an executive at a vast snack and beverage company. She announced that her firm’s goal was to have their delicious sugary and salty products within arm’s reach of every American at ...

The Untold Story

The Genocide Strikes Back

That tranny genocide is something, huh? It’s like the Yakov Smirnoff of genocides: “In Trannyland, genocide victims kill you!” In light of last week’s Christian school massacre, I wanna revisit something I wrote a year ago ...

The Untold Story

Transgender Nation

Talk about bad luck! What are the odds of the Nashville school shooter being a transgendered person who is ALSO mentally ill? Arguably, there were hints. In a form of modern Lysenkoism, young transgenders overwhelmingly come from ...

James O'Keefe

The Untold Story

The Night Baby Put Herself in a Corner

In recent months I’ve written several pieces that mention my Friends of Abe years. It’s pure coincidence; stories in the news that piqued my interest just happened to contain angles that relate to my time with the “secret” org ...

Eddie Murphy, Coming to America

The Untold Story

The Chetty Charts

Last week I answered the common question of whether the higher black male crime rate is due to poverty when growing up by diving into Harvard economist Raj Chetty’s immense database: No, it turns out, black men are about four times ...

The Untold Story

What If I’m Right?

What if I’m right about how the world works? What policies would that imply? My basic insight is that the world actually is pretty much what it looks like, loath as we may be to admit it. When it comes to human behavior, there ...

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